Boost Profitability With E-Commerce Consulting Services
Struggling e-commerce platforms may wonder what the secret is that winning competitors are using to their advantage. Getting a larger chunk of the consumer market is really no big secret. Competitors may simply be taking advantage of e-commerce consulting services that understand these 5 things for boosting e-commerce revenue:

  1. Integrated Social Media Sells: Each social media platform has its own unique strength. For example, Instagram enjoys the highest average order value as compared to other social media giants. Although 85% of e-commerce traffic is generated by Facebook, Instagram traffic features the biggest spenders. Integrate to increase traffic and boost sales.

  1. Social Proof Sells: Social proof contained in comments and reviews bolster the confidence of a browser, raising the likelihood of a conversion. Shared and liked content on social media is practically an endorsement of a brand. Features that display other people who purchased or showed interest in a product assures a consumer that they are on the right track in their browsing efforts. An e-commerce consultant knows how to make these applications work for your e-commerce store.

  1. Corral The Carts: Is your site missing out on more than 60% of potential revenue? If your site has a high rate of abandoned carts, an e-commerce consultant can nail down the reasons why and develop a strategy to corral those carts back into the check-out line. Sales are lost for a variety of reasons: surprise shipping charges at the end, complex check-out process with too many steps, not enough payment options, opening a site account required to finalize sale. Stop the abandoned cart madness. Let an e-commerce consultant create a solution.

  1. Content: You’re a retailer, not a writer. Creating amazing, attention-grabbing content can be a challenge. In an online world where content marketing is rapidly becoming king, ignoring the quality of messaging can get promotions ignored and overlooked. E-commerce consultants craft a promotional story that connects with audiences and inspires engagement.

  1. Descriptions: Do users really understand what your product or service is all about? Are they aware of incredible features? Unique characteristics? Online shoppers rely on product descriptions. There is no handling or sampling. Information is visual and text dependent. Spark sales with product information that is as exciting as it is accurate and informative.

Get connected with e-commerce consulting services that have the necessary talent to craft a compelling e-commerce marketing strategy for your site.