Who is OverseeBiz.com and what are they about? OverseeBiz offers much more than just IT solutions for e-commerce businesses. With expert web development capabilities, OverseeBiz helps build successful online companies from “the ground up”, so to speak. Technical support teams are trained in the latest technologies. Putting their knowledge and skills to use, support personnel ensure that an e-commerce store thrives while operating smoothly. But there is much more to this company than e-commerce web development.

E-Commerce Expertise: The experience OverseeBiz boasts in Yahoo! Store platform is vast. That means getting every advantage gleaned for the benefit of your own e-commerce success. With package features like free technical support and site statistics on traffic, every new site starts off equipped to succeed. There are so many options available to customize anysite. Professional consultants with OverseeBiz understand the importance of asking the right questions like:

  • Do you need logo design?

  • Do you need to conduct business in other languages?

  • Do you prefer to have adding products to your store included in your service package?

IT Management: Although a quality e-commerce store is designed to run optimally, ongoing technical support can give an online store an edge over competitors. OverseeBiz.com offers better cybersecurity management. Data breaches and loss can be disastrous for an e-commerce site. Tune-ups also keep things operating smoothly so that users have the best experience possible when shopping on your site.

Real Estate Investment: In addition to being a leader in e-commerce management, OverseeBiz offers professional management of real estate investment. From consultation preceding a purchase to overseeing efficient management of services for an entire portfolio, skilled professionals can help investors grow the value of their brick-and-mortar property.

Research Services: Every project, domestic and international, requires its own unique research approach. Data can be collected in a variety of ways, such as online questionnaires or telephone surveys. Experienced research professionals design surveys and questionnaires that get a company the most helpful answers by asking the right questions. The detail-oriented research teams at OverseeBiz customize research tools to mine targeted audiences for the information a company needs, taking advantage of the the best methodology to further the success of projects.

The name OverseeBiz truly represents what the company is all about. Whatever the needs of your business, OverseeBiz professionals are committed to your success.